Alice…will you marry me?
Yes. And yes, again and again, forever.
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When you really love someone you don’t need proof. You can feel it.

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1/2 anything you want → Genie Lamp
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Anastasia Appreciation Week [x]
Day 7 - Free Choice ⟶ Anastasia + magic

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1.05 heart of stone

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anastasia appreciation week → day six » favorite episode

we already had all the magic we needed, didn’t we?
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anastasia appreciation week → day four » favorite red queen moment

you say you want to learn, but something’s holding you back. You’re afraid. What is it?" "i don’t know. i guess- i don’t want the red king to see what we’re doing." "why?
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anastasia appreciation week: day one
     ↳ favorite outfit

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Anastasia Appreciation Week  :: Day 1 |  Favorite Oufit

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anastasia appreciation week
day one | favourite outfit[s]

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1.01 down the rabbit hole

1x01 down the rabbit hole   gifs   q   

1x13 and they lived   alice   jafar   gifs   q   

once upon a time in wonderland appreciation week
day seven: free choice | alice in wonderland

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OUATIW appreciation week | day five
favourite back story: anastasia tremaine

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Favorite Villain: The Jabberwocky

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